E-TracX DJ School Singapore DJ Course Instructor Orfeus Profile

Leroy (DJ ORFEÜS) has consistently proven himself as one of the most versatile DJs in Singapore, having successfully rocked crowds at major nightlife venues around the island. A true personification of the term “Open-Format DJ”, ORFEÜS is able to effortlessly fuse genres into a tasteful blend of infectious beats and melodies that will guarantee a truly memorable sonic experience for club-goers.


His talent is not just confined to the club, with ORFEÜS also being a talented Turntablist and performer, which led him to be crowned as the 2019 Live Mix Maestro National Champion.


His humility, talent and perseverance has successfully landed him jobs from a wide range of clients, ranging from bars, nightclubs, corporate events, to large festivals, such as the 2018 Neon Lights Festival.