1 Session of 1.5 hours



Private- 1 pax

Double- 2 pax

Group- 3 to 5 pax



1. Introduction to Music

– Explanation of different music genres (Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop…)

– Explanation of different music genres within electronic music/ dance music

– How music production actually works, and breaking out the myths & facts of it


2. Breaking Down a Song

– Strip songs by artists/ bands like Foster The People, Martin Solveig, Steve Aoki, and find out how their songs are actually created


3. Creativity with Remixing

– Live demonstration of a remix with tracks that are being broken down

– Brief showcase of using synthesizers and drum samples

– Showcase of final product and breaking it down again


4. Exploring the World of Music Production

– Understanding the various skills and techniques that are required for producing

– Musicianship

– Audio Engineering

– Softwares and Hardwares



Private – S$210.00

Double & Group – Please contact us for pricing. Thanks. 🙂