FREE Workshops + Newbie Skratch Battle & Jam @ E-TracX (26 Nov 2017)

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FREE Workshops + Newbie Freestyle Skratch Battle & Jam + Upcoming Mentorship Programme Info @ E-TracX happening on 26 November 2017, Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm.


With regard to the free workshops, please note that:

– each workshop is limited to 15 pax,

– registration is required and opens on 18 Nov, Sat,

– priority will be given to those interested to attend our upcoming FREE (2.5-month) Mentorship Programme


2pm – 3pm : Music Production Workshop by Case Woo

3pm – 4pm : Routine Creation Workshop by Perk Pietrek

4pm – 7pm :


Please drop by for more info on our Mentorship Programme.  See u.  🙂


*The purpose of our Newbie Jams is to support new DJs that are interested in taking their skills to the next level.

Basically, this jam is open to anyone who needs help with Turntablism and Controllerism techniques, or needs advice on creating routines.

So, whether you’ve just started learning to Skratch or if you just wanna hang out and get to know other DJs, Turntablists + Controllerists, and Electronic Music Producers, please drop by.