* Age Limit – 18 years

* Students will be given the opportunity to DJ live, upon successful completion of this course.



10 Sessions, 2 hours each (Total 20hrs + 6hrs of practice)



Private – 1 pax



Our DJ Live Course will train you “Elementary” and “Intermediate” DJ-ing, as well as prepare you to DJ live.


Learning Points:

– Introduction to DJ Equipment and their features / functions

(Turntables, CD/Media Players, DJ Mixers, MIDI Controllers)

– Introduction to Various Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Genres

– Beat Matching, Mixing, Bar Counting, Estimation Value Method

– Harmonic / Key Mixing

– EQ-ing, Volume Control

– Track Programming / Arrangement

– Digital Effects

– Creative Mixing, Open Format

– Introduction to Controllerism techniques, such as Finger Drumming

– Introduction to Turntablism techniques, such as Skratching

– Ways and techniques that can be used to make your DJ set more creative and interesting

– Introduction to Live Showcase / Routine Creation

– How to promote yourself, Overview of the industry

– Shadow instructor during live set + Prep for a live set



Private – S$1,660.00



Edwin / Shin / Orfeüs and Koflow / Anrev