E-TracX’s 15th Anniversary

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Happy 15th Anniversary to the E-TracX Family!!

It’s been one helluva journey, and E-TracX wouldn’t be here today if not for you guys.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for your support and for believing in us all these years. 🙂


Earlier this year (I guess most of you remember – especially during the crazy voting period, which we won), we entered E-TracX in a “Small Business Grant” competition, and we were up against more than 50 businesses, some of which were really good. Quick recap here – http://bit.ly/2AHkKog

During the semi finals, we were required to submit a “business essay”. (Tried to do that but almost died of boredom, so we did it a bit differently.)

If you’re interested, here’s an excerpt of our so-called business essay – minus the boring business bits.


Hi there, thanks for your time. 🙂

My friends call me Steph, and I have the privilege of being part of A FAMILY OF CHAMPIONS called E-TracX, whose purpose is to change people’s lives for the better, and thereby change the world.

My vision for E-TracX is to be a close-knit community that connects and unites the world through music; and also to a be a collective that inspires people to have the courage and determination to become champions who, in turn, support and inspire others.



Anyone who doesn’t know us would think that E-TracX is just an ordinary business that operates a DJ school. Well, perhaps we run a DJ Skool, but what we really do extends far beyond just training people to make and mix music.

We, at E-TracX, create champions and unite communities!

From the time we started offering DJ courses in 2003, we’ve always made it a point to encourage our students to believe in themselves, and to have the courage and determination to work towards achieving their dreams. Not just dreams of becoming a great artiste, but of anything positive.

In addition to this, our goal has always been to connect and unite the community, however, I honestly can’t say for sure how we did it.

Perhaps it was through regularly organising Jam sessions where everyone got together to share ideas and learn from each other, or maybe even the events and “makan sessions” where everyone got together to have fun.

Either way, we eventually became a close-knit community, fondly known as the E-TracX Family.

I believe that it is through this that our students have excelled, not just in the music industry but also in their personal lives and careers.

Although our students have won awards and represented Singapore on the world stage, what’s most important is that they keep the E-TracX Spirit alive by supporting and inspiring the newer generation.



We’ve had the privilege of meeting and mentoring countless talented and wonderful people on the E-TracX Journey, and I must admit that I am extremely proud of what we have created together.

I’ve learnt a great deal from the E-TracX Family, and they have given me hope, as well as the strength and courage to keep moving forward in spite of hard times.

Like most businesses, we have experienced our fair share of suffering.

In 2007, business slumped and all our savings were wiped out. We couldn’t pay our bills, which resulted in our electricity being shut off several times. There were also days where we couldn’t afford to buy food, and we went to sleep hungry.

It was a truly dismal time, and we wanted to give up; however, passion and our belief that what we set out to do was right, gave us the strength to go on.

For the next 7 years, business was stable, and at one point, it improved tremendously.

However, it slumped again in 2015 and most of our savings were wiped out.

Before the situation worsened, we rallied the E-TracX Family to support us. As a result, we pulled through, and we accomplished more than we thought possible.



————————— boring business bits ———————– zzzzzzzzzzzzz…….



Together with E-TracX Family members from all over the world, we hope you will join us as we continue to create champions, and connect and unite communities.

Whatever lies in the future for E-TracX, we will meet it with courage and strength, for we know that nothing can stop us from realising our dream of changing the world for the better!


Thanks again for your time. Have a nice day. 🙂